domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

StepF2 V1.15.0

Game Update

Fixes and changes
- Added an option to disable newer codes (in Interface Options).
- Added Roulette: use the code ZZCZZCZZCS on the songs selection to start spinning the songs wheel.
- Added an option to lock the selected song after roulette.
- Added Quest and Hidden charts names over video-preview.
- Now the player noteskins (blue, red and yellow) are selectable via Command Window.
- Grammar fixed for Spanish Tip texts.
- Fixed problem with stops using bpm changes.
- Fixed problem when hitting notes with high bpm songs.
- Added a function to get the combo actor for each player "GetComboActor(player_name)".
- Fixed problem when entering the game from demo screen.
- Changed notes vertical sparcing when using 4:3.
- Various animations and bugs fixed.

Song Pack Update

- Added StepF2 content channel V1.01. Details below.
- Added new UCS (Imprinting, On Your Side, I Want U, The Waves, Come Back Home, Very Old Couples, Freestyle).
- Added StepF2 Nostalgia UCS pack with 500 new user made charts for classic PIU songs. Details below.

* STEPF2 Channel V 1.01

- Procyon - Electric Sunshine
- Lovecraft Remix - Nato & MonstDeath
- Holiday (Shortcut) - BanYa
- Naissance 2 (Shortcut) - BanYa
- Wonder Girls feat. School Gyrls - The DJ is Mine
- Wonder Girls feat. School Gyrls - The DJ is Mine (Fullsong)
- Girls Generation - Catch Me If You Can
- Mighty Mouth feat. Ailee - Racing Queen
- Mighty Mouth feat. Ailee - Racing Queen (Alternate ver.)
- Onyx Remix - Onyx x Nate
- Hanabi - Nhato
- Just Hold On (Fullsong) - Void

- Brave New Adventure S20 D21
- Don't Stop The Music DP2 D12
- Turn It Up D13
- Muzik DP3
- Will O The Wisp Shortcut D15

- Stepmaker Neto
- Xiddy
- ElEson
- Nate
- Kusa3816
- BuiRai
- Sigea
- Felixor
- Victor Mendez
- BU8U
- Nek0
- Z_AL
- Jehezukiel

- MonstDeath
- Jehezukiel 

Find the bgas for the channel in the BGAs section:

* Nostalgia Songpack Part 1

Hello, everyone. This is Turkeyslam. My team of stepmakers have worked on something really special for old school players, and it is now official content in StepF2. We call it the "Nostalgia pack". We have added a total of 500 brand new charts for StepF2 in v1.15. Every song from 1st to Extra, including remixes, is fully fleshed out with new and modern charts (all songs from these mixes now have a chart level 10 or higher). 

In addition, we have a large selection of charts from Rebirth up to NXA. A few WorldMax charts are also sprinkled in. Nearly every chart for official songs in the few Funbox Collections are now added, touched up, and modernized. All -Another- charts from the Extra bootleg are available (and they're awesome). Lastly, all of the charts from the beta versions of Rebirth and Exceed make their debuts in our pack.

I would like to thank my team of stepmakers. Without them, this effort wouldn't be possible: Guilty, ElEson, Xiddy, ZELLLOOO, JesP, CHES7ER, Koop, PIUVN, BU8U, LinoAngelous, GAMAXX, FMAVR, JP, Crevolous, POPS, DEMOMODE, FMAVR, Nirvash, and Blucrunch.

We are already well on our way making steps for phase 2 of our project (available in a future StepF2 release), filling in more blanks for all songs from 1st to Prime, in addition to a very substantial amount of WorldMax content, among other surprises. If you would like to join our stepmaker team for phase 2, reach out to me. Shouldn't be too hard to find us!

Here are the charts in our pack in both Excel and PDF formats:


All of you guys. Thanks for your constant support through all of this time :)


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