sábado, 11 de julio de 2020

Pump It Up: Infinity 1.10 - The Final Evolution Released!

New Content - Infinity 1.10

Recently, Nirvash released content from the final patch of Pump It Up: Infinity for StepF2/P1. Along with Nirvash, we believe it is important to preserve this content and share it because of the hard work and dedication made by members of Team Infinity. It is our hope that releasing this content will keep knowledge of the game alive and give each person in the community a chance to play the game and look at it from a different perspective. Please enjoy this content and take a moment to cherish all the hours, days, weeks and months the developers put into the game only to have it forgotten and criticized so harshly for many years after its release. Also, please take time to digest the read me file included to understand the scope of what it took to make this pack and all its content available to all of us.

Special Thanks

Shoutouts to HIU, CIU, N.T.D.E.C, HueBR, Aldo, PumpHaven, TeamInfinity, OnlyOne, and The Resistance Simfiles.

Content Links

Additional Content for Songs from The 1st Dance Floor to Fiesta 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/120dM3wV2VHcdrWDyiRpURPYAiWqA6sbN/view?usp=sharing