sábado, 27 de junio de 2020

StepP1 V1.00

New features and changes

- Now you can leave the music selection screen by pressing and holding both of the red arrows in the channels selection.
- Now you can skip the next stage, stage break and game over screen by pressing the center three times.
- The game can optionally detect custom music preview files to play during music selection. This file needs to be in the song folder with the name "INTRO.mp3".

- You can switch between the Fiestas channels organization to the Prime channels organization by using the groups folders “08-1ST~PERF”, “09-EXTRA~PREX3” and “12-NX-NXA”. You have to move the songs to those folders manually (for example, move the content of “12-NX-NX2” and “13-NX ABSOLUTE” folder to the “12-NX-NXA” folder).

- Added option to use the translated song titles and artist added (stepmania original).
- Added option to enable japanese, korean and thai charest (stepmania original). When it's enabled the game takes few more seconds to load.
- Added option "show or hide special songs in levels".
- Added option "show or hide special songs in categories".
- Added option “PIU codes” to enable or disable the use of the newer cheat codes included in StepF2. Old commands like “speed up” will work besides this option.
- Added option “Sync options” to enable or disable the use of function keys (F4, F6, etc) related with the steps syncing in the normal gameplay. These keys will work in the Editor besides this option.

- BGA Dark added. This is game option so it won't be saved with the profile (same as happens with BGA OFF).
- AutoVelocity mods added.
- MN (Mini) mod added.

- Now you can indicate with image show in the CommandsWindows for your custom noteskins. Just place a png file with the name "NOTE_LOGO.png" and done! Check "jonathan" noteskin as an example.
- Optinally you can download and use the HD version of the game noteskins. Remember to first delete the “NoteSkins” folder and then extract the content of either "Noteskins_HD.zip" or "Noteskins_SD.zip". Remember to use the option "Extract here"! (don't use the option "Extract in folder.."!!).

- You can indicate what video file to show as background animation for a song by just writting its name in the parameter BGCHANCHES of the song's ssc file. Just like this example:

- This theme includes newer custom charts that are part of the called “PUMP PRO+ PACK” that was managed by Crevolous and his team. Here I leave the credits for this pack: ARSR, Crevolous, Gyo, Hucar, Jbean, Kaze, KahruNYA, Nirvash, Pipo221, Pops, Rime, SofiaXY, Staccato, V. Kim, Z_Al.

Please, remember that this is a fan made game so it’s not perfect. It surely have bugs or errors, it may have also some problems with the songs and such.

It's Max. I want to thank Wreighn2, NicklessGuy, DK, Nirvash, Crevolous.

Thanks StepMania team for this simulator!

Spacial thanks for:
- Avzavi Desu
- Elias Alvarado
- Aiden Aguilar
- Facundo Rodrigo Jerez
- Neto LM
- Staccato
- Xiddy Dawnut
- Ariel Resquin
- Ross Fernandez
- Gyo Gomez
- Thuan Nguyen
- Hucar
- Jakub Prymus
- Farren Yuan
- Brayan Hernandez
- V. Kim
- Rime
- Adrian Jehezkiel
- Jefferson Magsano
- Pops
- Hunx
- Funbox
- Alisson de Oliverira
- Enzo Raffler
- Keint
- Dreyko
- Renan Simoes
- Choi Ji Wo
- Marcos Cirne
- Jan Duarte
- Santiago Porro
(I’m sure I’m missing a lot of ppl here, sorry!)

Keep supporting and playing the real game!

I'm sure that newer things will come up soon, with better features and things than this theme.
Goodbye to everyone :)


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