domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

StepF2 V1.14.0

Change Log

Game Update

Fixes and changes
- Player engine renewed.
- New mod: JN (Judge by Note), notes are judged individually.
- COOP gameplay support.
- Added new cheat codes for all the available mods in the Command Window (check the Documentation folder).
- New option: Show "Normal Gameplay" text while playing a song (check it in the Interface Options).
- Changes on the Editor style (screen titles, descriptions, added key-shortcuts for timings changes, etc).
- Fixed bug when selecting a custom noteskin in the Command Window.
- Fixed bug when a new player entered the game in basic mode (speed changed for both players).
- Various bug fixed.

Song Pack Update

- Added 12 new songs in the official StepF2 channel.
- Added 15 new songs from PIU JUMP.
- Added 7 new songs from Chinese NX2.
- Added 1 cancelled song from PIU Fiesta 2 (Danza Kuduro Full Song).
- Added new UCS (An Interesting View, Elysium, Mad Science, Red Snow, Big Beat, Dj Nightmare).
- Removed a duplicate chart in Step (by Kara).
- Fixed: Sync of some infinity charts of Fiesta2 channel and some typos in song names.

Know issues
- The game crashes after saving profile, when failed a song by stage break. Disable the StageBreak from the Game Options to temporaly solve it. 

NicklessGuy (Nate), Jehezukiel, Neto

Andamiro, Wreighn2, Turkeyslam, DK, RIME, Hucar, Nirvash, Kusa3816, Gabiru and everyone who tests the game, reports errors, suggests improvements or make UCS Charts for the game!

We had a lot of suggestions for the theme and the songs, we will check them as much as we can for the next update!


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