martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

StepF2 V1.0.9

Change Log

Game Update

New features
- High scores aren't saved when using Rush 80/90.
- Autogenerated BGA Off performance improved.
- Infobar now available for quest charts too.

- Cosmetic fixes on Jump Noteskin.
- Cosmetic fixes on entering Full Mode animations.
- Fixed Center button not working in editor's record mode.
- Fixed combo counter not displaying when normal and fake holds pass at same time.
- Fixed "Autoplay" label sometimes appearing in evaluation screen when it shouldn't.

Song Pack Update

* Added all Prime 1.13 new content *

New songs (all modes)
- Creed -1st Desire- Full Song
- Creed -1st Desire-
- Elysium
- Point Zero One

New charts
- Avalanche S22
- Ragnarok S20
- 1950 - Original charts returned (the ones from Prime 1.12 are now available as "hidden" charts)

New Prime Quest World charts
- All I Want For X-Mas D18
- Caprice of Otada S19
- Blazing D23
- Chimera S23
- Unique D20

- Added new NXA Non-Powerful and More-Powerful quest charts series (Guitar Man, Love is a Danger
Zone 2, Chimera, Witch Doctor, Beat of the War 2, A Maelstrom, Phantom, Dignity, Cannon X1, Faster Z,
Canon D, Energizer, Bemera, Astral Song, Monkey Fingers)
- Added new UCS (Be Mine, Come Back To Me, Rock The House, Latino Virus, Sugar Conspiracy Theory, 1950, Avalanche, Move That Body Full Song)
- Fixed missing charts in Love is a Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)
- Small effect fixes (Rock The House, Bad End Night, Sugar Conspiracy Theory, Deja Vu Full)

Andamiro, Alisson, DK, V.Kim, RIME, DEMO_Mode, Supral, Nirvash, Everyone who reports errors, sugests improvements or make UCS Charts for the game.


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