martes, 12 de enero de 2016

StepF2 V1.0.8

Change Log

Game Update

New features
- Added PIU Prime's new J-Music song category and channel. Songs were re-categorized for it.
- Added new violet UCS label for the official UCS included in PIU Prime songs. They are always visible in UCS Channel, and normal channels.
They are never hidden by the "Show UCS on/off" option from game (it only affects the unofficial green UCS charts).
- BGA OFF from Command Window now is code generated, more similar to real machine. Not a looping video anymore.

- Over LV24 Channel only loading LV 24 charts.
- Holds cosmetic issue on very short hold notes.
- "Drum" noteskin not flashing properly.

Song Pack Update
- Added all Prime 1.11 to 1.12 new content

New songs (all modes)
- NoNoNo Full Song
- Move That Body Full Song
- Violet Perfume
- Hypercube
- Scorpion King
- Video Out C
- Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous
- Setsuna Trip
- Bad End Night
- Queen of the Red

New quest charts
- Final Audition Episode 1 - D17
- I'm Sorry - D18
- D - D20
- Reality - D18, D20, D21
- We Got 2 Know - S18
- X-Tream - D19
- Native - D20
- KOA Alice in Wonderworld - D21
- Vook - D23

New charts
- Sugar Free - S17
- Venus - DP3
- Elvis - S17
- Move That Body - 1.11 cancelled S17, S20, D18
- Overblow - DP??

New Official (Violet) UCS charts
- Canon-D - S17, S18, D17, D18
- Matador - S21, D16, D21
- Cosmical Rhythm - S16, D18
- The Revolution - S21, D22, D23, D24
- Red Swan - DP4, DP20
- Leakage Voltage - S20, D20, D22
- Latino Virus - DP3
- Lucid PIU Edit - S16
- Csikos Post - D21
- Maria - S18
- Rolling Christmas - D17
- Turkey March - S17, DP??

- Added Infitity charts (Ignis Fatuus, Elise, Hypnosis Synthwulf Mix, Electric, Love is a Danger Zone Cranky Mix, Dawn of the Apocalypse Fullsong, What Do You Really Want, Passacaglia, Pop The Track).
- Added new UCS (1950, Karyawisata, I Know, 'Jinusean' Tell Me, Puyo Puyo, Pensamento, Arch of Darkness, Please).
- New PIU Pro and PIU Jump charts added (Solitary, Mr. Larpus, Rolling Christmas, Beethoven Virus, Slam, Space Fantasy).
- Banya Hard Remix S12 was missing.
- Fixed Couple charts showing in single player game (Separation From Her, An Interesting View, Blind Faith).
- Fixed Sync (Chimera S14)

Andamiro, Alisson, DK, V.Kim, RIME, DEMO_Mode, Supral, Nirvash, Everyone who reports errors, sugests improvements or make UCS Charts for the game.


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