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StepF2 V1.11

Change Log

Game Update
Fixes and changes
- RandomStep now uses "Super Shuffle"
- Hidden Noteskin is now permanently unlockable (using profile)
- Fixed graphics for mods Icons

Song Pack Update

New Songs
- Moment Day
- Idealized Romance
- Force of Ra
- Houkago Stride (After School Stride)

New Charts
- Stardust Overdrive
- Achluoias

New Quest Charts
- Bullfighter's Song
- Hello William
- Ladybug
- Moonlight

Added New UCS
- Just Hold On
- Hypercube
- Four Seasons of Loneliness
- All Famy
- Trash Man
- Wanna
- Bambole
- Silhouette Effect
- Allegro con Fuoco
- We Got 2 Know

Added more CoOp charts from missions
- Uprock
- Chopsticks Challenge
- Oy Oy Oy
- No.3

Added CoOps from UCS (by users)
- Melodia
- Elysium
- Extravaganza Reborn
- Passacaglia
- Solitary (Sanxion7 Remix)
- Super Fantasy
- Y2Z
- Venetian Staccato
- Creatures ov Deception
- Invincible
- Last Day Alive
- Magic Girl
- Fly
- SHooting Star
- EternuS
- Party 4U
- Destination
- Hypnosis (Synthwulf Remix)
- Tek Club Copenhagen
- Energizer
- Love is a Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)
- Overblow
- ReRave
- Baroque Virus
- Last Farewell
- Wanna

Added New Quest Charts
- Msgoon RMX pt.2
- Beat # N.4 Fullsong
- In Your Fantasy
- Pumptris Quattro
- Beat of The War 2
- Can't Nobody

Added more PIU Jump Charts
- Caprice of Otada
- Higgledy Piggledy
- Chopstix
- Dance All Night

Fixes and changes
- Fixed Passacaglia Infinity S15 noteskin change making some steps invisible
- Fixed Yog Sothoth S23 corrupted chart.
- Fixed Ren'ai Yuusha S19/D20 fake holds.
- Fixed an offset adjustment that generated a stop in FAEP 2-1 S21/D21.
- Fixed Point Zero One DP4 sync.
- Infinity's Guitar Man Shortcut moved to Original Tunes.
- Infinity generic remixes BGAs now respect the Stretch BG game setup option.
- Cosmetic changes to various songs BGA previews and title display.
- BGAs switched to wide format 
- Solitary Sanxion 7 Remix and Ladybug (when selected from Pro

Andamiro, Infinity Team, DK, Alisson, RIME, DEMO_Mode, Turkeyslam, Supral, Nirvash, V.Kim, NXI Team, and everyone who reports errors, sugests improvements or make UCS Charts for the game.

There are still sugestions of quest charts and ucs that couldnt be ported into the game, but we will work on them as soon as possible.


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  1. Muchas Gracias, hacen un gran trabajo

  2. Excelente trabajo felicitaciones, nunca se puede esperar menos.

  3. Son los verdaderos maestros, muchas felicidades por tan bello y excelente trabajo....

  4. Excelente trabajo y gran aporte sigan adelante

  5. Excelente trabajo y gran aporte sigan adelante